Restore body gel

Líkamsgel sem sefar húðina og veitir einstaklega mikinn raka. Hentar vel eftir mikla sól, vatn og mengun. 

Inniheldur mintu og mandarínur. 250 ml.

Verð6.800 kr

Have you ever dreamed of a body gel to soothe your skin, while calming and restoring your mood? This gel contains only active ingredients to soothe and moisturise skin after an excess of sun, water, pollution, or simply because you are worth it.

Aromatherapy: mint & mandarin; antioxidant and antiseptic, reduces symptoms associated with anxiety and stress.

Phytotherapy: witch hazel, chamomile, calendula & aloe;antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-erythema and antipruritic effects.