Urban Identity augnmaskinn frá Sepai vinnur samstundis á þrotafínum línum og bauga 

Þegar svefnleysi og stress taka sinn toll þá er það helst augnsvæðið sem lætur hvað mest á þessum þreytumerkjum bera. Urban Identity inniheldur glás af glæsilegum virkum efnum sem hafa sannað virkni sína á snyrtimarkaði. 


Verð3.700 kr

Identity mask is a revolutionary SOS eye care product formulated with neuropeptides, ectoin and persian silk tree extract. It instantly provides a radiant looking skin while restocking moisture levels. It deeply conditions and nourishes the area illuminating the look with a natural glow.

With every passing year, our hectic lifestyle and lack of sleep exhausts us and damages our skin. Our look shows how fatigued we are… If only we could have the super power to recharge in 15 minutes all that energy we need to keep on going…

Sepai knows what you are capable of and helps you reconnect with your inner hero. Use your secret Identity to show the world who you really are.

Identity is the latest addition to SEPAI’s Urban line, specialized in antioxidant protection, antipollution and deep hydration. A prêt-à-porter eye mask for all skin types that can be used during the day or at night, in the car, at the office, pre-party, or post-party, as well as during your more intimate encounters. Any moment is ideal to connect with your inner hero.

By applying this eye mask you will reveal a super glowing look. Urban Identity will instantly provide a radiant looking skin, restocking moisture levels, blurring expression lines while providing an invisible protective shield that counteracts the Villains of the Metropolis: free radicals and pollution.

Recover your vitality, experience what it feels like to have a super power, and reveal to the world your inner hero. Feel the addiction to the WOW effect!!!

Content: 2 eye masks of 5ml / 0.16 Fl.Oz. each. Vegan, toxic free, dermatologically tested.