BAOBAB diffuser, White Rhino 500 ml.

Híbýlailmur í fallegum glráleitum glervasa.

Það eru aðeins fimm tegundir nashyrninga eftir í heiminum. Tvær þeirra, hvíti og svarti nashyrningurinn búa í Afríku.Ilmurinn er blanda af sandalvið, vetiver og kryddum og sem skapa karlmannlega dýpt.




Verð16.900 kr

There are only five rhinoceros species left in the world today. Two of these species, the white rhinoceros and the black rhino, live in Africa. The name of the white rhinoceros comes from the Dutch word "weit" which means "wide", in reference to the animal's impressive snout, specifically adapted to graze the grass. By a linguistic confusion, this word evolved into "wit" in Afrikaans then in "white" in English (white).

A subtle mix of sandalwood, vetiver, and spices, the White Rhino scent is an earthy iteration of warmth and mystery. This powerful scent, rare and masculine, is every bit as enchanting as the animal that inspired it.