"Primer" undir farða sem gefur einstakan ljóma og raka. 4 fallegir litir, postulínshvítur, bleikur, gullinn og brons.  Má einnig nota yfir farða t.d. á kinnbein eða augnbein. Við elskum alla 4 litina. 30 ml

Verð10.200 kr

As a true color-control serum, this radiance-enhancing care diffuses its brightening, moisturizing and corrective skincar properties into the heart of the epidermis. The rejuvenating formula, enriched in White Roses Native Cells and combined with a cell renewing brightening agent and anti-free radical vitamin E, boosts radiant luminosity and lastingly protects the skin. Rare light reflecting prisms associated with soft-focus micro spheres blurs imperfections, smoothes features and fills in the micro surface for a beautifully natural resault. 30 ml